The Magic of Flowing Money


Banks were an expensive but necessary invention to protect money from being stolen. Today’s existing circumstances have changed.

The main useful purpose of banks has been to store somebody else’s money in their safe bolts and to make otherwise idle money make more money by using it to issue credit contracts.

To make money over money borrowers must accept the concept of interest. When borrowers sign credit contracts they implicitly accept the percentage per period they agree to pay of interest over the amount borrowed.

Over time, it has become natural to believe that paying interest over borrowed money is correct. The borrower must create operations that generate profit. A part of this profit will be paid to the bank in the form of interest. It all sounds right, except it is not.

The new Electronic World Currency Bank (E.W.C.B.) will render interest and credit contracts obsolete.

Paper Money

For Paper Money to flow it must move from entity to entity. If an entity stores it and stops its flow, we have seen that dreadful things happen.

The cost of handling paper money is high and does not add value. Societies are constantly spending resources in creating and maintaining paper money.

Having in our global planet today more than one currency is irrational. We intend to change this.

We need but one currency for the whole planet.

Not only one currency, but one, unique, electronic World Bank.

It is time for all governments to quit control over creating fake money.

A new era will begin when the new Electronic World Currency Bank is created. For this creation to take place, we need every single human being to be on board with this petition. Other, powerful people have been handling the way money flows. They have done a terrible, shameful job. It is time to correct this mistake. It is a wrongdoing that affects all human beings. The whole condition is not fair. We, the human species members, have a right to end wrongdoings when we discover them.

The way money things have been handled is wrong and now has approached the criminal stage of the consequences. We are not in pursuit of criminal prosecution. The law has been such that it has protected those involved. We are just asking to step aside and allow this one, important change for humankind, to take place ASAP.

Once the story is known, it is criminal to create obstacles to stop this new way of doing democracy. It is a new way of doing democracy because it changes from a manual method to an automatic method. It helps the conditions to allow all of us to participate in making decisiones that effectively affect us all.

One of those conditions is our capacity to buy things necessary for our daily life. Today, everyday millions all over the world end up with empty wallets, incapable of buying any of the things they need. When this moment arrives—and this happens every single day—people stop spending in those things they need. This interruption in their spending causes a crack in the supply chain demand. The goods and services that would otherwise be demanded are not. Thos who would demand such goods and services simply do not have any money to vote for them.

(It is easy to understand that in a democratic system, people vote for officials with ballots and for products and services through what they pay for).

But this condition will end once the Electronic Banking System is installed because it will include Selective Basic Income (instead of “Universal Basic Income”), an amount that will be deposited in any account whose balance has fallen to extremely low levels. When SBI (“Selective Basic Income”) is deposited, the account holder will be able to vote for the products and services that otherwise they would not have been able to.

An altered Demand of goods and services results in a deteriorated Supply. Capitals are invested in that which creates profit. Capitals will not produce what there is no demand for.

Ideas without Capital Vs. Capital without Ideas

Capitals are resources socially created. Laws permit individuals and corporations amass copious amounts of money. This what we call Capital. Capitalism derives its name from such term and laws that allow it to exist. Anybody who owns Capital is interested in making it grow. A lot of persons who own capitals do not have innovative ideas to make their money grow. Millions with innovative ideas do not have any capital to create the businesses needed to develop their ideas.

The human species, through its 86-billion-neuron brain, evolves human technology, and this creates the necessary conditions to improve quality in human life. We have reached a point in human cultural evolution (culture is just another name for social technology), where what is good for Capital is not good for the human individual life quality.

Money is just a means to value things and actions. Substantial amounts of money under the possession of one individual or legal entity, becomes Capital and it should be “good”. But it is not. It is not good because as capital, money tends to stop flowing, and then terrible things happen. We have reached the point in which those “terrible things” continue to exist even though today’s conditions are the best during the existence of humans.

This will change once the World Unique Currency is created and handled electronically through one account per person and several accounts per corporation. Money will freely flow from account to account according to lawful mechanisms built into the algorithms of the Central System.

Then individuals with innovative ideas will always be able to raise the capital necessary to build their new businesses. Idle money from all the accounts added together will flow to the accounts of the newly created corporations. These new corporations can be built upon socially accesible capital or with capital from other individuals interested in participating. In the end, as the new enterprise invests in its own supplies, the initial capital will flow to the accounts of the suppliers. The concept of bankruptcy is of no concern to the new system since there is no money to recover.

The problem with banks is the illusion that money belongs to some entity. According to the law, it does. However, in the new electronic unique central bank, once it is placed in circulation, the origin is irrelevant. Money will flow and by so doing it will activate other businesses and generate funds for all levels of government.

That is the “magic” of money when it flows uninterrupted.


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