Creating The Idea

Fixing Anything that Stops the Flow of Money

The way we handle money today is simply wrong. The following money handlers create a real obstacle for the free and smooth Flow of Money:

  1. Banks
  2. Paper Money
  3. Credit Availability
  4. Tax Declarations
  5. Currencies Value Speculation

When money flows products and services flourish. The flow of money sets in motion the processes that define what people need and demand and, in turn, cause the chain of supply to react and produce and provide what consumers are demanding.

None of the above happens when the flow of money stops.

When consumers do not have means to indicate what they need, the supply chain cannot effectively use any available resources. The resources are used to create an artificial supply which needs publicity to create hooked consumers. This is what leads to what we call “consumerism”. This is necessary when factories produce gadgets or services that require lots of publicity to create buyers. This happens because the population that should be voting for the products that they really need cannot do it simply because they do not have the money to indicate their real demand.

Capitalism depends on the relationship between demand and supply. The rational way is to “listen to” the demand through the vote of spending and act accordingly.

It is impossible to vote to define the demand if the potential voters do not have money. The money is stuck in the accounts that belong to businesses or capital owners of the higher levels. This is clearly a money flow obstacle. Businesses profit from selling products and services regardless of their practical usefulness. It is good for them, it is not good for the rest of us. In the process they create jobs whose energy should be aimed to the benefit of all of us; that is not what happens.

This is a vicious circle. The real demand of goods and services for those without money to vote in the democracy of economy does not reach the businesses that would respond accordingly. The corporations abandon any products or services without votes —people paying for them. As they create a supply that requires publicity and special marketing skills to create a demand for them, the financial resources remain above, in the higher consumption capacity levels. The lower consumption capacity levels end up without their actual needed supply of goods and services due to not having been able to vote for their real demand.

As this happens cycle after cycle, money concentrates and gets stuck in accounts without any fluidity to the lower levels. It is obvious that the taxing system is not working. If it were working money would not get stuck in any account.

The owners of capital—huge amounts of money—are constantly in need of finding ways to increase the amount of capital they already have. They need to put it to work. We must translate that by they need to make it flow. As we said above, dreadful things happen when the flow of money stops. It is unfortunate that what is good for the owners of Capital is not necessarily good for society. It should be. It would be if the flow of money never stopped.

When large or small capital owners gamble buying and selling in the foreign exchange market, they are freezing the flow of important amounts of money.

Paper money in small or substantial amounts stored in safes or buried underground or hidden in secret locations cannot flow. Any activity that causes paper money to get stuck in storage mode is hazardous to our economy.

The sum of all the lesser amounts of money stored electronically or physically in banks savings accounts cannot flow. The paper money in lesser amounts stored in drawers or in mattresses has stopped flowing. None of this money is generating value for the rest of us.

The gap between extremely rich people and normal people is huge and growing bigger. As this gap gets bigger, the extraordinarily rich get richer while the rest of us get less rich or poorer.

Governments rely on taxes to do their duties. For taxes to reach Government accounts several hops must be performed by money, either in the form of paper or electronically. Governments must love huge corporations. Each one of them represents one single taxpayer that will eventually deposit enormous amounts of money to the Government account. Small corporations and individuals in general pay lower amounts of money. Governments need to invest in expensive efforts to collect tiny amounts from most taxpayers. The flow of money suffers. We all suffer. Life is more difficult for all.

Money might have been a great invention, but time has rendered it obsolete and a burden for their inventors, the human species. For centuries money has been the means to measure the value of things and services. We know that some American civilizations did use beads to buy and sell their products or provide their services. They had some sort of regulation system to limit the personal possession of these beads, which anybody with a backyard and good soil on it could have produced.

Today money has become one more merchandise to buy and sell. Different currencies from different nations or regions are daily sold and bought through the Foreign Exchange Markets. A lot of sellers and buyers are there for the sake of gambling. They bet on the currency they buy, expecting they will be able to sell it shortly with an important profit. They lose more than they win.

When money becomes an object to gamble, we have reached a degree of system deterioration that requires a serious overhaul. Technology makes possible this modification. Cultural habits that have stopped being of any value to make life better for the human animal are already hungry to be wiped out and substituted for mechanisms that will for a long time be more rational to sustain a nicer experience in the event of life.

Our Proposal

You will conclude that anything that stops money from flowing must be eradicated from society. It is easy to reach such conclusion once we have understood how the flow of money is what makes today’s economy function. In general, the capitalistic economy has money as its main engine. Any device that has an engine must never make it hard for the engine to do its work. The engine must be integrated within the device so that the power of the engine’s functionality never becomes an obstacle to the device’s useful existence.

Money, within modern capitalism, has become a serious obstacle for capitalism’s proper functionality. Has the gap between rich and poor people always been as grotesque to the observer as it is today? We simply need it to stop growing. Everybody knows—the rich ones included—that the gap must stop growing and begin to shrink.

The conditions for the gap to stop growing and the surge of a better experience in the event of human life we need certain things to happen:

  1. Ban the usage of paper/cash money for good.
  2. All money will be electronic.
  3. Only one currency will exist in the entire world.
  4. Every individual will have one personal account. The accounts will be biologically identified so that any individual can only ever have one account.
  5. Every corporation will have one or more corporate accounts.
  6. All accounts will reside in the one and only universal electronic bank.
  7. Countries, regions, and cities will have administrative accounts.
  8. A percentage of all transactions will go to the corresponding government accounts according to established laws in the form of tax. No tax declaration will be necessary. Transaction will be recognized and affected for:
    • Income Tax
    • Sales Tax
    • Value Added Tax
  9. Individual and Corporate loans will be handled between the individuals and the corporations, and the laws built into the algorithms of the Electronic Bank.
  10. Installments on the credits will be handled by the algorithms of the Electronic Bank System.
  11. Governments of all levels will take care of:
    • Education
    • Health
    • Security
    • Justice
    • Entertainment in Nature Related Environments
    • Child Care
    • Elderly Care
  12. Selective Basic Income will take care of replenishing individual accounts falling to low balance levels. Any credit to an account for SBI will become a debit against that account to be considered according to its future possibilities.
  13. Universal Collection of Funds for all means that all accounts will be proportionally debited with certain amounts so that certain other accounts can be credited. The debit will create a credit for anytime the account requires funds. The sum of the balances of all accounts will be constant.
  14. Corporations will eventually transfer funds to the accounts of their partners. They will be recognized as individual profits and will be the transactions bearing the highest tax to be transferred to Government accounts.

Day One

Several months prior to Day One, all cash and bank money will be deposited into the money owners accounts of the Electronic Central Bank.

From that day on any old account in any bank will be closed and paper money will be declared illegal.

Education in the New System

Detailed and complete courses will be given concerning the proper use of the ECB personal account.

The rules for taxes and corporation functions will be published and exposed in all forms to be mastered by corporate managers, administrators, financial advisors, and production experts.

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